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Edmonton Wedding Photographers

- Just Married Photography
We are a high end wedding photography in Edmonton Alberta providing fine art wedding photography to the luxury bride. It's more than a labor of love it's a lifestyle for us. Art pervades our thinking and through this we weave our artistry into every single photo that we create. From Boudoir to fine art wedding photography, Edmonton Photographers - Just Married Photography is excited to create an amazing photo art set for you.
Just Married Photography

Fine art international award winning wedding photography for the modern bride. Glamor and Beauty - art at its finest. Based in Edmonton and Calgary, commissioned world-wide. Edmonton wedding photographers - Just Married Photography

Edmonton Wedding Photographers

Just Married Photography - Edmonton Wedding Photographers
Edmonton Photographers - Just Married Photography is an international award winning wedding photography company specializing in luxury artistic and glamourous wedding photography. Known world-wide for their unique blend of fine art photojournalism and creative portraiture, Just Married Photography has travelled the world commissioned in over 7 different countries to create their art. Always pushing the limit this team of photographers is ever in search of the perfect image.
Our Philosophy
At Just Married Photography, every image we provide is a work of art. We are more than photographers, we are artists in every sense of the word. The canvas is simply photographic, but whether it's video or album designing or collage building, we invest everything into creating. The process of creation is not a reactionary process for us. We believe that photographers who react to a situation will always be one step behind in timing and capturing the moment. We weave art through actively creating a quality and reliable art piece by being proactive. When you book a photographer you want that photographer to be reliable. You want to be sure your photography will be beautiful. Trust your day to the artistry of Just Married Photography.
The Team
Just Married Photography is the flagship company of photographer Kenneth Soong established 2003. JMP shoots with many associate photographers and videographers. Support staff of a studio manager, and two full time retouching artists are working in the back-end to bring the best out of your photography and service experience.
Our Products
Searching the globe for the most high end and luxurious products we carry leather-bound beautiful coffee-table albums from Italy and Japan. These beautiful family heirlooms capture the essence of the story that we capture from your special day. More than just a collection of photography our albums tell your story in a fine art fashion. At Just Married Photography we also carry a selection of wonderful offerings from fine art canvas prints to day-off slideshows. Come to our studio to check out our work!
Destination wedding photography
Destination wedding photography is very near and dear to our heart. We always welcome the opportunity to create a new set of art in a brand new setting. Whether it's on the sunny beaches of the Dominican Republic or it's in the Sahara desert or it's in the ruins of Athens, we love travelling and bringing our photography to the world.
Trash the Dress Sessions (Trashion Sessions)
At Just Married Photography Trash the Dress sessions are TRASHION Sessions! Interviewed by media outlets such as the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald for our unique spin to trash the dress sessions, we bring fashion and trashing to the wedding dress. It's about more than damaging your attire. It's about creating images that will last a lifetime - images that you couldn't normally create on your wedding day.

Edmonton Wedding Photographers, Calgary wedding photographers and Destination Wedding Photographers - Just Married Photography - two Edmonton wedding photographers providing exciting, fine art wedding photojournalism to our clients.

Edmonton wedding photographers and Calgary wedding photographers - Just Married Photography, generating a new standard of excellence in professional wedding photography, Just Married Photography: international wedding photographers known for their stunning, dramatic images, vividly sharp pictures and exceptional photojournalistic style of photography.

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