Dear Ken and Laura,

Where do we even begin?! Through the thousands of decisions that went into planning our wedding, there is no doubt having you both capture our day was the perfect choice. The photography tells our story of love, joy, excitement, and anticipation for our future together. These moments will carry us through our journey of marriage and will serve as a reminder of the love we share for each other and for our friends and family. We consider you both lifelong friends and can't wait for the next milestone to share with you. Your enthusiasm, attitude and passion for your art work is inspiring.

Thank you for all the moments and the many more to come.


Kari Ann & Trent

When it came to deciding on a photographer for our wedding, there was no question we were going to have Just Married Photography capture our memories. When I first checked out their website 5 years ago when my sister was getting married, I knew I was going to have them for my wedding when the time came. I didn’t even explore other options for photographers because in my mind there was no one else comparable. Their work speaks for itself and I knew I had to have them!

Ken is the epitome of professional, creative, fearless, patient, passionate and above all an awesome person. In our opinion, he is the most talented photographer EVER! His eye for details and innovative photographs are breathtaking and beyond spectacular. Ken was able to see things that we wouldn’t have. Where we saw plain ol’ Tim – Ken must have seen Chris Hemsworth (People magazines current Sexiest Man Alive). We wanted unique photos that would WOW and that is definitely what we got.

Our family and friends have been amazed by our photos and we have received remarkable compliments. We will have these photos forever and for that we are eternally grateful!

Thank you so much Ken for being part of our special day! We really do appreciate it. Choosing you as our photographer was the best decision we have ever made….next to marrying each other of course! You are AMAZEBALLS!

Jen + Tim xo

Hi Kenneth,

We just wanted to thank you again for being a part of our wedding and capturing one of the best days of our life through your discerning eye. We had so much fun working with you! You oozed professionalism, true artistry, creativity and class. Our wedding guests were so impressed with you and have given us so many comments of praise about you since the wedding. It was clear to us you have a sincere passion for what you do and your enthusiasm was contagious when you were capturing the best shots of the day! It is clear you are one of the top wedding photographers in the world and should more appropriately be the lead photographer for the likes of Hollywood celebrity weddings than ours. We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you and have you document our wedding day. You are clearly an exquisitely brilliant individual not only in photojournalism but also in many other intellectual pursuits.

A million thanks to you again,

David and Jessica

Hi Ken!!


I just died last night looking at all the pictures. It took forever, but we finally looked at all of them. We are so happy. We could not be more happy with our decision to have you and Laura be the ones to capture this day for us.

And the amount of pictures – I don’t even know what to say. We just appreciate so much how you were able to provide us with so many, thank you.

I am going to spend the rest of the day at work today showing everyone….. haha!! I just love them!!!


We got married on the 5th of September. The wedding ceremony was in Calgary, and our reception was in Banff. To make things more interesting, the pre-wedding festivities and preparations were in Banff.

The photography was for us one of the most important elements of our wedding day. We chose to cut down on many other elements to ensure that we got the best quality for that day. On top of wanting great quality we were needing great flexibility as we were changing locations multiple times.

We went through a very thorough process of selection and chose Just Married Photography. Not only did the pictures turn out amazing, but they were also flexible, understanding, sought to understand who we were, our needs, our wants, and tailored their work to represent us. They contributed to the experience of our wedding day. They let the important moments be, without imposing on them. You could barely feel their presence. At other times, they contributed to the fun, romance, and celebration, full of energy and creativity. Our photo shoot with them was personal and fun and a welcome break for us to be intimate and romantic.

Ken and Laura are very professional, personable and talented. We believe they are outstanding in what they do and would recommend them with high praise to anyone who chooses to appreciate their services.

Daniel and Sara

Already a year and more has past since you captured the best day of our lives to date! I have been meaning to thank-you again since we came upon our photo in my favorite wedding magazine, WEDLUXE. Friends have been calling that picture our "Signature" photo. We often bring up the moment when Kenneth flagged the limo down at the milk factory and said "wait wait, I think this would be a good shot." At the time we were cold as ever from the ridculous 80km winds and thought A milk truck? Really? Meanwhile the groomsmen were slamming champagne in the limo and the maids were glued to the window saying "that looks likes something from a magazine! Who Knew!! Cheers to you guys and your amazing work! ..... and our little moment of fame. Ha ha. You really made our wedding exprience one to never forget!

Take Care

Katrina + Ryan

From the moment we saw your website, we knew you would be the perfect photographers for us. Every picture we saw on your site was breathtaking. We were immediately captivated by your photojournalistic style of photography.

Many people have told us that our wedding pictures are the most beautiful they have ever seen. We have heard many times that our pictures belong in a magazine, if not an art gallery. The album you created for us was nothing short of spectacular! We know that in the future we will look back on our pictures, and still love them as much as we do now.

We have already had people asking for your contact information for their children's future weddings.

We felt so blessed to have you as our photographers on one of the most important days of our lives. We only wish we had many more special occasions to hire you as our photographers again!

Thank-you so much,

Deidre and Michael

I am ashamed...it's been months since i got the pictures and the album and i haven't written a testimonial for you or even written to thank you yet. it just seems like everytime i tried to write, i could never find the words i wanted to use to describe how we feel about our pictures! Today...i will give it a try! The pictures, the album, the memories of the experience stir up so many emotions! first of all, awe - the talent you posess is inspiring. we are truly in awe of what you are able to do with a camera, with a scene and more importantly with two people that are normally very camera shy and have never been truly satisfied with a picture of themselves! we are proud to show these to everyone we know! As we look through our pictures (and we have many many many times!) we feel excitement, we remember how much fun it was to do this shoot! the memories of jumping into the ocean and the pool, of going into town and into a forest of palm trees with my wedding dress on will certainly last a lifetime. Thank you so much for making us feel comfortable throughout the shoot, for the most beautiful pictures we have ever seen, for the album that is so perfectly put together and for your incredible talent! you really did capture our feelings, our spirits and our love for one another.

Chrystal and craig

Hi Guys!

We just wanted to thank you for the amazing album. It is just beautiful and perfect. We could not be happier. We also wanted to thank you for everything you have done. For our engagement pictures and album, all of our wedding stuff and for being so patient and understanding with us. It has been wonderful to meet you and spend time with you. We look forward to making more beautiful pictures with you (as we hope to grow our little family!). Thank you again for everything, the album is more than we ever could have hoped for and we will cherish our pictures forever.

Take Care!

Amanda and Richard

Hey Guys!!

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you again for your great work!!

I knew when I started searching for a photographer I didn't want the stereo typical "wedding photos" People recommended photographers who did "great work" and "unusual photos" and after many disapointing portfolios's I found your website. I was originally wanting to just have photos taken of our reception and not of our ceremony in the Dominican because I wanted to keep it affordable. ($$ was no object to me but I knew Cory would be a harder sell!) Kenneth told me to check out the link for a wedding you had just done in the Dominican so I got off the phone and quickly logged in. I was looking at someone else's wedding pictures and had tears in my eyes!! I was sold.

I can honestly say you guys are amazing! When I got to see our own proofs, I got to have tears over my own wedding photos. They are absolutely beautiful!!! All the critics of how much I was spending have even been in aww over the photos. Everyone keeps saying how talented you two are and how you really know what you are doing. I love the 2 different "views" you get from the 2 cameras snapping at once! (and I love telling people "I told you so")

I told Kenneth the first time we spoke how we were going to be your hardest clients because we are both terrible in pictures. Well you guys did it!! You somehow with made us look so good!! ; ) We have had so many comments from people saying "you should be a model" or "this looks like something out of a magazine" It makes me chuckle because we both know it's just you guys and not us! I can't wait to see our album and I know the photos will still amaze me 50 yrs down the road!

Cory and Nicole

Mike and I just saw the full set of proofs a couple of days ago, and as we expected they were amazing. JMP caught our personalities as well as those of our guests and children. Looking at the photos was like being there again. Thanks for creating such incredible memories for us to have for all of our days. We were blessed to meet you and have you share in such an important day. We wish prosperity and happiness to your lives.


We just got around to show our family and friends our album and they were AMAZED! As picky of a couple we are, we definitely never regretted choosing you guys as our photographers. Thanks for all your patience, time, thought and creativity put into our photos. These photos definitely recapture the memories of our wedding day. We have no doubt in 30 years time when we look back at our photos, it will still make our hearts melt. Luv you guys! Melissa and Steve
Happy New Years!!! Alan and I wish you two the best in this new year, May you two prosper in 2007. Alan and I can not get enough of our wedding album. There are absolutely no words that can describe how we feel about our beautiful pictures. Just Married Photography has definitely captured every special moment during our special day. We can not thank you enough for being apart of our wedding day. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for everything!!! As my father would say fab-u-less!!!! :) Sabrina and Alan
I wanted to thank you guys so much for the wonderful calendar you put together for us! This was really unexpected, and it surprised my whole family when I opened it! And the wedding album was more than I could imagine, I absolutely love it. Out of all our wedding plannings, your dedication and professional work from our first engagement picture til now has been the most impressive and fun. You two really have a true talent for photography, and I am sure that your business will be very successful. I will be recommending you to everyone! Take care as always and good luck with all your future projects! Sincerely, May and Dave
We just wanted to let you know that we've been incredibly happy with everything you've done for us - from the time you spent on our engagement shots, your professionalism and pleasant company on the wedding day, your patience with us while viewing the proofs, your accommodating all our requests for editing the album, to the complimentary calendar which was a total surprise! but above all that, the photos you took were absolutely breathtaking and you captured our most meaningful moments in such an elegant and creative way. your photography is most definitely art and we've received countless compliments on your work. even people in the industry, such as our videographers and the company that framed our prints have been so impressed with your work that they are making referrals for you as well! people are constantly telling us they've never seen anything like the album you created for us and we just reply that you have several other options that are just as innovative. we love the album and we flip through it all the time and each time, we notice another little detail that makes it so special. We love your use of color, the angles of your shots and how you blend the photos into one another in the album. We also really enjoy your company, sharing over drinks and chatting while looking at proofs - you are a really special and talented couple and we pray that God blesses you as you continue on in this journey... looking forward to seeing your work grow, we will be stopping by your website to see what you've been up to! Thank you for everything, Billy and Melissa
We could go on and on about how amazing your pictures are (and they are!)..but what we keep smiling about is how fantastic you two are as people! We feel as though we found not only great photographers, but great friends in the both of you. Thank you for your support and patience on a very busy day, and for your attitudes of grace since the first time we walked through your front doors. See ya on the slopes! ;) Danny and Danae
Words can't express how blessed we are to have found two amazing photographers and now friends. Your photography doesn't make people say "oh nice pictures" they say say "WOW, those are incredible". When a girl gets married they want to feel like a princess but I can honestly say when Mike and I saw the pictures it was like a princess looking back. Kenneth we were honored to have you share our day and look forward to having you take the baby pictures in the future!

Mike and Sandy Moran

Hi Kenneth, Just wanted to write to you and once again thank you for the wonderful work you and your wife did with our wedding album. We finally had some time to look at all the pictures and they all look great. It's nice to know that there are honest people out there who take pride in the work they do and deliver on all their promises. You guys have been great through the whole process and if anybody ask if they know of a great photographer for a wedding, definitely we will be pushing hard for you guys. Again, thank you from the bottom of our heart for not only delivering the product, but doing a fabulous job at it. Hope you have a great summer this year and may your business flourish.

Take Care,

Sam and Melissa

Hey guys! Ahhh its been a crazy week, I haven't had time to email since Saturday. Busy busy. Anyways, on behalf of my fiance and myself, I just wanted to send you a great BIG THANK YOU for taking our pictures on Saturday. Reflecting on it, Danny and I decided that we both had never experienced anything like it in our lives. It was a very unique day; it took us a while to get into the Photojournalistic feel, but very cool to try something new, and do that together even though we arent natural models!!! Thank you for being gracious with us, and for being up for anything-even climbing a steep MOUNTAIN with heels!!!! We are really appreciative, and HUGELY looking forward to seeing them! Hope you are both doing very well...Hailey (and Danny)


We had a lot of the fun on the actual day, and we could only hope that our photos would show that. And of course now after seeing them, I would have to say that Danny and I couldnt possibly be any happier with them. They truly captured our personalities, and the joy that we have for each other. You guys did such an awesome job, it makes it extra hard to decide on what prints we want! We'd take them all if we could I think! They are all just wonderful, we are so pleased. Thanks again for being so great!!! Hailey :)


KEN! seriously, your new website is beautiful. i feel so proud to have you as our photographers, because i get to share your work with my friends and family and feel part of the increible art you guys do. i am so pleased with the engagement photos, and i am really looking forward to the wedding and the possiblities. i had an awesome time at your house on tuesday. thanks for making our families feel so welcomeand at home. i'm excited we get to work with you twice this year!! i really like the new galleries on the website. they are really fun to look at. i also like the intro. amazing! you really hit it out of the park with the intro. so comprehensive and catchy. and, i guess the word inspiring comes to mind. it makes you want to take photos and be in photos... - Danny

Hi again. i saw the photographs last night!! AWESOME!! BEAUTIFUL! FANTASTIC!! U GUYS ARE THE BEST. thanks for working so hard to get the photos to Justin and Amanda.. I didn't realize that you would be rushing to get their photos done, but i am glad u did. I know that they are soooooo excited. Thanks again.

Diane (mother of the groom)

To say we "loved" working with Just Married Photography would be an understatement. Kenneth, your team was absolutely terrific! Right from our first photo consult through to the follow-up e-mails after the wedding, you guys proved to be reliable and professional yet incredibly fun and creative. On our actual wedding day we were told to simply have fun and enjoy the day - and not to worry about the cameras capturing the special moments of our day. Kenneth... you put us at ease instantly with your good senses of humor and constant encouragement through out the day. None of our photo ideas, no matter how crazy they were, were ever turned down. Instead you would respond with an emphatic: "Awesome! Let’s try it!' In viewing the online gallery of our wedding pictures, we, along with our friends and family, were blown away by the results. Viewing the pictures was like seeing to the story of our wedding day unfold before our eyes what a great memory to treasure. You guys proved to be so much more than just a professional team that we hired for the day, but instead we were given the chance to start a new friendship with some awesome people. Thank you so much... I don’t think we could ever thank you enough for what you’ve done for us! Dan and Nella
I really love the pictures - we have so many amazing shots I am SO happy with your work. Thank you again for your superstar talent, you have PERFECTLY captured the feeling and the mood of our wedding day and we will appreciate it FOREVER!

Desiree and Andrew

Thank you for your amazing, creative and wonderful work!! Everyone who sees our photos and the online gallery are thoroughly impressed and captivated by the beauty and creativity of your work. We have received comments such as "the pictures look like something out of a movie" and "the pictures look like something I would see in a Bridal Magazine, only better and more creative". When we look through our photos, they take us right back to that specific moment and it is like we can relive all of those special moments over and over again. Your whole team was amazing! Our large bridal party was a challenge to organize at times, but everyone had so much fun and we shared so many laughs! Thank you again for making our special day even that more special and may God continue to bless you and the wonderful talent he has given you! God Bless You always!

Vanessa and John

Well we just wanted to let you know how STUNNING the pictures are!!! We have received nothing but astonishment at the beauty of the website. You guys did a fabulous job of catching every moment of the day. Going through all the pictures on the website is like reliving the day all over again, which I am sure we won't get tired of anytime soon. Danielle and Michael
The photos are AMAZING!!! They are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined .... thank you so much! Everyone who sees the online photos are floored with how awesome they are...

Thanks again so much for being a calm and dependable force on our wedding day. We can't thank you enough. Blessings on you all!

Michael and Melissa