Setareh + Chris are one of the nicest, most genuine, kind, thoughtful, appreciative, and every other synonym for wonderful, couples I have ever met! Their love of pictures reflects the endless amount of work that we were able to create with them! Their wedding was in Whitefish, Montana where they were married on the grassy slopes of The Lodge at Whitefish. The journey to get there was a windy one, where Laura’s fear of heights was definitely in full force! We were basically driving on the side of a mountain after taking the “scenic” route just after the border. By “scenic” the Americans mean “deathtrap” according to her :P.  I was in awe of the towering mountains around us as we drove up to the higher altitudes. She kept having to tell me to WATCH THE ROAD when my photographer self’s eyes would wander and I would blurt out something like… “OH MY GOODNESS! LET’S TAKE A PICTURE RIGHT HERE!”, and my eyes were definitely not looking at the road ahead… Oops.. I think I gave her a mini heart attack a few times.  In the end, we made it to Whitefish safe and sound where I definitely was able to take pictures until my heart was content! These pictures are some of my faves, stay tuned for even more to come! 🙂  Kenneth

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